Made a little japanese stab-bound book with intaglio prints + chine-collé (they rubbed off on the backs of the other pages, I probably should’ve put slipsheets in) for content. It has to deal with dreams and souls leaving bodies at night.

I’m making a box to hold the book! Still working on that but I’ll post it when I’m done.

These are photos of the book and some of my favourite pages. There are 12 pages, plus a blank one at the end and beginning, and title page.

When I was younger, it was after Halloween or something and I asked my mom if I could keep my face-paint on when I went to bed. She told me that if I had stuff on my face while I was sleeping, my soul wouldn’t recognize me after it came back from its nightly dream journey, and it’d leave to find the real me and get lost. And then I’d be dead.

It’s like a mixture of weird Asian superstition and my mom being a huge troll (she is a huge troll omg). I love my parents so much hahaha. ٩̋(˃́˂̀)

posted December 10th 2012 at 02:42PM

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