Gudetama can best be descibed as a lazy, distressed egg who likes to lie around -whether he’s fried on rice or casually resting on top of tamago sushi.

Gudetama is officially my favourite Sanrio character. 

Sanrio sure knows how to capture the heart of people.

it me

Whisper of the Heart | 1995 


Organic!!!, 2014

i like him he has a shark mouth

i like that


小林モー子 Môko Kobayashi : ブローチ『魚』 (BLOG | maison des perles|メゾン・デ・ ペルルから)


Sara Andreasson  - Cloud cuckoo land 

2014 / Collaboration with Johanna Berg.

Exhibited at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February 2014.



photographed by Alexandra Von Fuerst for Nasty



Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails by Claire Moynihan